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Vacuum Press

JSK manufactures a range of powered, and lift assisted Infrared Vacuum Presses that are tailored specifically for the customers needs, as well as a range of Cold Manual Presses. These flexible machines are suitable for a range of applications such as laminating, veneering, and forming. Starting at small table top machines, to free standing fully powered units, so whether you have one, or multiple products a solution can be found for you.

Ultrasonic Products & Services

JSK Ultrasonics offers a range of ultrasonic services, from contract welding to product design. We manufacture bespoke ultrasonic machines to suit your requirements, as well as offering a range of standard machines. All ultrasonic tooling and fixtures are designed and manufactured at our factory in Milton Keynes, and can be made to customer CAD or cast to existing components.

Jigs & Fixtures

All jigs and fixtures manufactured at JSK’s factory in Milton Keynes can either be machined to CAD, or cast to actual components, depending on the customer’s requirements. JSK manufacture many types of jigs and fixtures suited to all customer’s systems. Including, but not limited to; leak and electrical test fixtures, CMM measuring fixtures, vibration and photometric fixtures.

Automation Solutions

JSK is able to produce a high quality solution for all of your automation requirements. Having experience with robotics, assembly and production lines, and testing stations to name a few we have the skill and the technical know-how to manufacture highly effective and efficient machinery.

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