Ultrasonic Equipment & Services

Solution for any Ultrasonic Application

Ultrasonic Machines

As well as providing a range of standard Ultrasonic Machines, JSK can also supply bespoke machinery, developed around customer specific requirements in a range of frequencies. Be it a simple table top machine, or a complex piece of automation.


Sonotrode Manufacture

JSK is able to design and manufacture sonotrodes from 2D and 3D customer CAD, ensuring a positive and reliable weld. The design and manufacture process is aided by making use of FEA software, and the latest in frequency analysis equipment.

Product Design

If you are unsure about the process or are in need of any advice concerning the product design, then JSK have the people who can really help. Whether it is modifications to an existing component or advice on where, how and what type of energy director would help achieve the best results.

Product Design


JSK Ultrasonics is able to provide third party noise reducing guarding for ultrasonic machines you already own. Acoustic guards can come in any shape and size, and can be fully integrated into the machines existing emergency stop and safety features.

Contract Welding

Don't want the financial commitment of purchasing a machine? JSK has several welders on site of varying frequency, which enables us to offer a flexible contract welding service for any volume of parts.

Ultrasonic Tooling Stack.236

Machine Servicing & Upgrades

As well as JSK's own range of new machinery we offer our service and support to customers with systems supplied by our competitors, specialising in Herfurth, their wealth of experience and knowledge on this range of machinery is second to none. Ongoing service, spares, tooling and upgrades are now offered with the full backing of the German manufacturers of the original generators.

International Partnerships

Sirius Electric

JSK has been the UK representative for Sirius Electric for more than five years, and enjoys a close relationship with the Italian ultrasonic supplier. Sirius offers a wide range of standard machinery suitable for any plastic welding application, including vibration welders, spin welders and hot plate welders.


MS Spaichingen

JSK Ultrasonics is pleased to announce a new partnership with one of Europe's biggest ultrasonic suppliers. MS Spaichingen produce a broad variety of ultrasonic equipment, from small hand held pistol welders, up to large multi-head welding machines. Serving the automotive, medical, packaging and textile industries has an impressive portfolio.