Vacuum Press

JSK Ultrasonics is able to design and manufacture customised vacuum presses to suit your needs in a range of sizes, from small table top mounted units, to fully powered, free standing presses measuring 2000mm x 3500mm. A JSK IR (Infra Red) Vacuum Press is perfect for veneering and laminating contoured surfaces, as well as curving panels with multi-layer sheets, and leather wrapping applications.

By taking advantage of the efficiency and directional energy produced by medium wave IR emitters JSK has developed a cost effective alternative to comparable processes, offering approximately 50% energy saving by direct heat transfer when compared to convection heating. Not only does using IR heaters provide an energy efficient solution, it also results in a much faster process time, some of our customers have observed reductions of over 90%, and space saving of as much as 80%.

Every vacuum press has an IR configuration optimised for the job being run on the machine at the time, meaning an even and consistent temperature is achieved at the bond line, ensuring maximum adhesion is achieved between surfaces.

JSK Vacuum Presses can be operated by a single technician and come with an easy to operate integrated HMI control. Each press can have a maximum of four individually controllable heating zones, within which each heating element can be adjusted and controlled by the machine PLC as the work piece is constantly monitored by the latest in pyrometer technology.

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