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Advanced Tooling

Advanced Tooling: Services

JSK supply hundreds of functional machine tools every year for use in customers’ equipment, incorporating poka-yoke functionality, tool-free quick-change and tool recognition to automatically set machine parameters to suit the selected tool and JSK integrated I/O services connection to eliminate operator error

Our tooling and machines are used in all applications & industries for ultrasonic welding, assembly, carpet & edge wrapping, annealing, gluing, pressure & vacuum test, etc. and offer passive & interactive (I/P & O/P) power-up, operation and functional check using sensors, mechanical actuation & vision systems


As with all JSK machines, the design, manufacturing, assembly, test & (CMM) validation is carried out in-house to your part CAD, drawing, sketch or product sample, and can be made in a range of materials and technologies including any metal, polymer, composite and specialist non-marking materials & using additive manufacturing or casting where machining is not practical 

As well as manufacturing tools, JSK repair, modify, refurbish and upgrade any tool/jig/fixture (from any supplier), with/without CAD or schematics, often designing & manufacturing parts which simply cannot be sourced due to obsolescence or unavailability for parts, including mechanisms, custom connector mating halves, piece-parts, cable forms, etc. with a same day service for urgent/line-stop jobs

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