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Bespoke Process Automation & Robotics

Process Automation & Robotics: Services

Medical Filling, Capping and Labelling Line

Fully automated handling of all materials

  • Accommodates multiple container/cap sizes (0.5 litre – 2 litre)

  • Bulk load & unload of feed parts and filled assemblies

  • Hazardous, toxic & flammable liquid (alkane) storage & dispense

  • Conveyorised (anti-static) no-touch handling

  • Auto-selected in-line labelling and verification

Integrated safety systems

  • Interlocked safety systems

  • Leak, spillage and burst detection

  • Thermal and vapour monitoring & reporting

  • Automated shut down & LOTO facility to fail safe

Full integration with & control by factory system

  • Fill-level checked optically & by Weight check & recorded

  • ERP/MRP, bar-code control & SPC data collection options

  • Batch trace capability for parts, contents, assemblies and operators

  • Automated labelling, reading & validating for correct product/serial number

Process Automation & Robotics: Recent Work
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