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Assembly Fixtures 

Assembly Fixtures: Services
Bentley Seatback Glue Robot.JPG

Robotic Glue & Assembly Machines

Application of adhesive, aligning and assembling car lamps, seating & trim (Automotive)

Advanced robotic handing, assembly and validation

- Integrates 6 DoF robot arm & hot melt adhesive dispenser to automated handling station

- Interchangeable tool-sets & fixtures future growth, flexibility & future-proofing

- Full sensor detection for part presence, location, orientation & alignment

- Post-process testing and laser marking options can be easily incorporated

- Aligns, applies adhesive to and assembles systems parts – full Poke-Yoke

- Can be line integrated or operate standalone

Built around standards

- Utilises common (major) parts, control systems & software

- Safe & simple ‘teach & learn’ interface for robot programming

- Fixture recognition sets machine operating parameters

- Multiple product parameter sets can be stored & recalled

- Customer configured 4-level system password control

Full integration & interaction with Shop Floor Control Systems

- Full sensing for part presence, position & orientation

- Part colour & critical dimension checking to works order

- ERP/MRP, bar-code control & SPC data collection options

- Adhesive temperature & level monitoring & alerts

Assembly Fixtures: Pro Gallery
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