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JSK SmartBench

A JSK Standard Product

Industry 4.0 enabler

Manual processes connected to shop floor control system 

KPI’s collected & stored

Centralise key product data and build instructions,

Access & use at any station

Standardised PC based control system underpinned by LabVIEW

Batch trace, ERP/MRP/SFCS connectivity & SPC data collection

Off-line configuration and testing

Allows fast configuration


Simple to use

- Intuitive programming & operator interface

no programming or user experience required

- Touch screen interface, password protected levels of access

for quality & process control

- Multiple data input output options

accommodate 90% of OEM equipment

Flexibility and growth

One system, multiple applications

Giving you flexibility & surge capacity

Industry standard controls, connections & interface

Connect to scanners, printers, vision systems & tools

Entry level systems expandable and configurable

Future-proof your investment

Integration of digital and analogue signals

Flexibility in application

JSK SmartBench: Services
JSK SmartBench: Pro Gallery
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