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JSK Standard Products

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Large Format Vacuum Press Machines

Flexible form-factor design, with a footprint of up to 3.0m x 2.0 m, our industry leading machines are based around a flexible design, allowing virtually any format or size of machine to be accommodated

Highly efficient infra-red heating, coupled to an in-house developed membrane material and cooling system, JSK presses quickly ramp up to activation temperature and cool the cured assembly, giving typical cycle times as low as 5 minutes

Innovative ‘no-fixing’ tooling, automated tool detection, selectable zone operation & recipe setting couped to multi-layered safety systems give JSK lamination presses industry leading safety, cycle times & reliability in a configurable standard product


JSK SmartBench

JSK SmartBench offers the ability to automate & control any manual process in your production through a simple digital I/O & control system, giving step-by-step operator guidance (acknowledged PDF), assembly process (control/confirm part pick, tool use, torque, etc.), functional testing, vision inspection, traceability & user ID/access

Our SmartBench can be supplied integrated into a work-station as part of a new deployment or added to your current process benches and the easily learnt (typically less than 1 day) graphical programming interface allows your engineers to program & build complex sequences without specialist programming skills

SmartBench can be networked into your factory systems and can load any work instruction at any station from a central server through the on-screen menu (user or supervisor), by scanning a works order bar-code or detecting the (interchangeable) assembly fixture ID

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Standard footprint 6-axis robot cell

Developed for a multiple function assembly process, our standard format robot cell uses a 6-Axis collaborative robot coupled to a small external control system to provide a work-cell of up to 2m x 2m, which can be expanded for larger applications

The robot is a collaborative type, with scalable torque feedback control to optimise operator safety from collision, trap & pinch and can support automatically selected 2-layer enhanced safety where the machine risk assessment indicates it necessary

End of arm tooling can include welding, screw assembly, adhesive application, etc. and can safely operate unattended, allowing one operator to attend to several cells or carry out pre/post assembly work, packaging, etc.

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Industry 4.0 Compatibility

All our products, including SmartBench, are Industry 4.0 compatible and can be interfaced with any MRP, ERP or shop-floor control system (SFCS), accommodating any level of user-access, in-process host-system handshaking, staged assembly, bar-code reading, screen-guided user interface, etc. You tell us what you want, we can design & build it

Our standard control systems run on Siemens PLC equipment and can run as a standalone or can be connected to your host system, either directly or through another machine as part of a functional suite sub-net and can send data interactively or through a local FIFO stack, allowing IT systems to collect data indirectly

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