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Bespoke Process Automation & Robotics

JSK core business is bespoke automated process equipment, designed for a particular purpose, typically high volume/high reliability (‘five 9s’)

These machines can be flexible, supporting multiple parts or assembly options or application specific, where they are designed to reliably carry out one operation as fast as possible, with the least time possible with as little operator involvement 

 (single part) solutions, typically deployed in high volume production (including T1 automotive, medical & industrial), utilising either ‘designed for purpose’ automation or ‘part/application agnostic’ 6-axis robots

Our machines are all Industry 4.0 compatible and can be interfaced with any MRP, ERP or shop-floor control system (SFCS), accommodating any level of user-access, in-process host-system handshaking, staged assembly, bar-code reading, screen-guided user interface, etc. You tell us what you want, we can design & build it

Our complex systems use any mixture of pneumatics, electrical or mechanical actuation, cartesian & 6-axis robots (including collaborative) and automatically sensed interchangeable fixtures for ultimate flexibility


Poka-Yoke Assembly Fixtures

Not every project, particularly early the project phases or proof of concept, has the budget or time to put in place automated or even guided assembly & test equipment but must still ensure critical parts or sub-assemblies are correct 

Where complexity, cost and time are at a premium, or you have a low volume/infrequently built part, you can still guarantee consistency & error-free assembly by using an assembly fixture to bridge the gap to production, providing your technicians the means to efficiently assemble & validate parts

JSK fixtures range from the simple, such as holding glued assemblies through a curing process, to the specialised, where many parts need to be accurately positioned & clamping during stages of an assembly or test, with many fixtures incorporating functional tests with validation

Our in-house tool room has over 20 years’ experience in complex fixturing and has produced many thousands of assembly & test tools, both passive and active, from the simple single-stage to the more complex to ones with hundreds of parts, many of which are validated using our in-house CMM capability


Advanced Tooling

JSK design, manufacture & assemble advanced tooling use on our machines as well as in our customers’ existing equipment. Our tooling ranges from specialist ultrasonic tools designed using integrated FEA, to complex functional machine tools which interface & interact with automated process equipment and robotics, providing movement, clamping, sensing, vision inspection (including AI parameter processing) and laser marking.

What We Do: Products

JSK SmartBench

JSK SmartBench provides an easily implemented low-cost path towards industry 4.0, providing a flexible way of integrating existing manufacturing & assembly processes to your IT infrastructure, giving control & traceability over current manual processes

Whether integrating into an existing process or as part of a new project, JSK SmartBench allows you to guide, monitor and control operator activity for each process step, using existing documentation and readily available sensors, measurement & validation tools to Poka-Yoke your processes

Our simple icon-led programming interface is quickly learnt (typically <1day), requiring no programming experience, allowing your production team to build complex assembly, validation & verification systems around your current process using standard bar-code control & printer interfaces

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