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JSK policy as an employer is to fully comply with all anti-discrimination legislation, and to treat all people fairly and equally such that no person or group is favoured or excluded in any aspect on the basis of (but not limited to) any of the characteristics as defined within the Equality Act (2010)

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Notice for Recruitment Companies

JSK Ultrasonics does not accept speculative CVs (or other forms of candidate details) from any agencies (recruitment or otherwise) for any positions or vacancies, whether advertised or communicated in any other form. You are asked not to send CVs for consideration unless we have explicitly requested that your company do so in respect of a specific vacancy. All unsolicited CVs received by us, where we have not directly & explicitly engaged you to supply candidates for a specific vacancy (with mutually accepted terms and conditions), will be considered to be provided on a “free of charge” basis and will leave us with no liability to you or your company whatsoever, regardless of attached disclaimers to any unsolicited communications, should we choose to recruit the candidate directly or via a different recruitment agency, regardless of who initially provided the CV. Submission of any unsolicited CVs will be deemed to be your complete and unconditional acceptance of these terms, and your agreement that these terms are the only terms applicable related to the candidate whose details you provided.


JSK Ultrasonics Ltd.

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